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         Tazobactam Intermediate
         Ethyl formate
         Sodium Methoxide
         Hexamethyl disilylamine
         Benzene, Toluene Xylene,
         Dibenzoyl-L-tartaric acid monohydrate
              Jiangxi Yuehua Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. Jingcheng Medicinal Chemistry Co.,Ltd., one of the branches of Jingdezhen Kaimenzi Corporation, was founded in 1968 and in the year 2000 we changed to the current name. It is a synthetically outstanding chemical enterprise specializes in manufacturing raw material medicines, medical intermediate products, organic solvent andindustrial chemicals, and lies in the western district of Jingdezhen which is famous for its great porcelain both in China and abroad.
              Our company has the advantage of transportation for us lies next to the railways lead to the northeast of China and No.206 national highway and some other highways; we have the advantage of serving you because we have the "AAA" credit standing level with the perfect cash flow and without any bad debts; we are successful because we make our sales up to 200 million CNY last year and with a total assets over 100million CNY by now; we have a hardworking team including 316 people among which there are 130 of them take charge of professional and technological area. We have outstanding management and outstanding equipment for both manufacturing and testing.
            In July 2004, we got the GMP authentication for Piracetam (one kind of raw material). And by now there are 18 types of products within our product line, the major products include: Piracetam, Tazobactam, Tazobactam intermediate(Benzhydryl 6, 6-dihydropenicillic acid), Hexamtthyldisilane, Trimethyliodosilane, Ethyl formate and Sodium methoxide, etc. and these products are sold well at home and abroad, get customers' trust and highly praised for our excellent qualification and services.
            Our general manager Yu Hanqiao with all the staff are excepting to cooperate with domestic and overseas customers to create a splendid future!











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